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Local Area

Local Area


Airvault - The town was formed in the 10th century and grew around one of the largest Abbeys for Augustinian monks in the Poitou region. The Abbey - Church St Pierre was built in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. There is a market hall which hosts a small market on Saturday mornings, an underground well that can be visited by borrowing the key from the tourist office and a museum that is housed in part of the old Abbey - church complex. The Pont de Vernay, a 12th century Romanesque bridge crosses the River Thouet .


Parthenay - In the Middle Ages was a major fortress of the region. On a granite promontory, and with around a hundred old half timbered houses it maintains the appeal of a small medieval town.


Thouars - On a rocky outcrop overlooking the River Thouet and valley. Town centre churches go back to the 11th century with Poitou Romanesque architecture.An impressive castle and a medieval town centre.


Bressuire - Dominated by a castle build between the 11th and 15th century and the Dolo river valley. The Sculpture Orchard is a public garden displaying sculpture between the apple trees which leads to a pleasant park in the river valley.


St. Loup Lamairé - A pretty village on the edge of the River Thouet, with 15th and 16th century half timbered houses, a chateau of traditional french architecture and a church that was rebuilt in the 19th century but has a 17th century retable.


St. Generoux - A 13th century medieval bridge crosses the River Thouet. A pré-romane church built in the 9th and 10th centuries is a good example of primitive Romanesque art.

There are many chateaux, churches, abbeys, museums, monuments, gardens, walks, cycle rides etc in the local area. Good places to find information are the local tourist offices or the departments tourism website.

For more information on churches and abbeys try

We hold details of many of the local attractions and are more than happy to try and help with any further information you may require.   

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